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CRAZY WORLD did you know!?

Hello my the last few days I had all kind of interesting articles....thank you all for participating... and commenting my posts.
Today I'm going with a bit different topic... I will write about fascinating fact's all over the world..
I'm sure that you'll find something interesting in these articles so enjoy!!!


Bird that barks instead of sings

The Antpitta avis canis Ridgley is a bird that looks like a stuffed duck on stilts and barks like a dog. The bird was discovered by ornithologist Robert S. Ridgley in the Andes in Ecuador in June 1998. Thirty of these long-legged, black-and-white barking birds were found. It apparently had gone undetected because it lives in remote parts and, of course, doesn’t sing. The size of a duck, it is one of the largest birds discovered in the 20th Century.
Antpitta photo: (c) Academy of Natural Sciences

There also are dogs that do not bark! The basenji, smallish dog with a silky copper coat, does not bark. Instead, it yodels when it get excited. Wild dogs like the African Wild Dog also do not bark


Cow burps and global warming

Cows and global warming
With all its grazing and many stomachs, it is no wonder that cows are one of the main contributors to the hole in the ozone layer. Apart from CFC, the biggest culprit is hydrocarbon emissions from cars and cows. Yes, cows! Cows release some 100 million tons of hydrocarbon annually – by releasing gas. To give you an idea of how much gas a cow emits: if the gas of 10 cows could be captured, it would provide heating for a small house for a year.
But unlike what you think, cows release hydrocarbon mostly by burping.


 Cow cartoon 

If blood is red, why are veins blue?
Blood is bright red in its oxygenated form and a dark red in deoxygenated form. In simpler terms, it is bright red when it leaves the lungs full of oxygen and dark red when it returns to the lungs for a refill. Veins appear blue because light penetrating the skin is absorbed and reflected in high energy wavelengths back to the eye. Higher energy wavelengths are blue.

Why is blue for boys and pink for girls?
In ancient times, it was believed that certain colors could combat the evil spirits that lingered over nurseries. Because blue was associated with the heavenly spirits, boys were clothed in that color, boys then being considered the most valuable resource to parents. Although baby girls did not have a color associated with them, they were mostly clothed in black. It was only in the Middle Ages when pink became associated with baby girls.

Why do onions make you cry?
Onions, like other plants, are made of cells. The cells are divided into two sections separated by a membrane. One side of the membrane contains an enzyme which helps chemical processes occur in your body. The other side of the membrane contains molecules that contain sulfur. When you cut an onion, the contents on each side of the membrane mix and cause a chemical reaction. This reaction produces molecules such as ethylsufine which make your eyes water.
To prevent crying when you cut an onion, cut it under a running tap of cold water. The sulfur compounds dissolve in water and are rinsed down the sink before they reach your eyes. You can also put the onion in the freezer for ten minutes before you cut it. Cold temperatures slow down the reaction between the enzyme and the sulfur compounds so fewer of the burning molecules will reach your eyes.

hope you enjoy :)


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Good post thanks

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Love the dog!

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The boys- girls thing is interesting. I never thought of that.

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Hate onions! but nice post thanks! +followed

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Awsome post dude

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that stuff about high energy eye absorption of my veins boggled my mind!

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Very interesting tid bits

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This is great!

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Interesting post.

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Love this post. Such bits of random information are always quite interesting. I like the onion part the best, didn't know this about the sulfur reaction. And an off topic - your puppy from few posts below is the cutest!

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Already knew a few of them, but barking birds really surprised me hahaha totally unexpected

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i'd like to hear a cow burp

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I'm buying that non-barking dog to all of my neighbors :)

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haha. random info ftw!

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I love info like this, thank you for sharing!!

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cool stuff about veins and colors.

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These were all so strange.

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Wow dogs that don't bark? And why would you want to heat your home with cow fart? Doesn't matter how eco-conscious it is.

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Knew most of them already except for the bird being found recently.

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I love strange little trivia like this. +Follow

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