petak, 5. kolovoza 2011.

something different...

Today I decided to go with something different... make somekind of review post (it's my first).
Do you ever have those day's when the only bright spot in 24 hours is a simplest thing you could think of!?
For some people it's taking a cup of coffee, for some a long walk, having a chat with your best friend or girlfriend..
For me, it's music! nothing can make my mood jump in les time than music...
There certainly where day's for me, when only one song made my heart full for another week!!! 
A lot of people just can't understand the importance of this segment (MUSIC) in every-man's life...
The most often question I get on this topic is "what genre of music do you listen to?"
The answer is THERE ISN'T ANY SPECIFIC GENRE FOR ME...I listen what I feel like Listening...
I really can listen to all kind's of songs...from the heaviest metal to some clasical ballads depending on the mood I'm in.
The point of this today's topic I chose, is that sometimes big things (great feelings) come in small signs of attention :)
i'l quote myself for me It's music, for some other people it's something else.

To finish my today's post, I'll share with you some of my favourite songs along with the appropriate moods I'm in at the moment.

in need for jumping

clasic driving mood



when I'm high :)

and one more 


 when in love


when sad :&

these are just some of them, hope you will enjoy them as well as I do :)

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