nedjelja, 23. listopada 2011.

Panamera from hell

As you all know Edo Competition is a marketing company, witch projected this tuned Panamera .
They claimed that the motive for this car was the HELL so they naime'd it Panamera from hell.
This is a Porsche Panamera S called Hellboy.the modification is made from the outside as you see the agressive  green line, bumpers and rest of the body work...but the real modification is "under the hood"

Maybe the green line on the brakes and bumpers isn't the best Representative of HELL, but the rest of the elements definitely are aggressive .The bodykit is made from Carbonfiber,including the  front and back bumper, door's spoiler and side thresholds.

The low profile  chrome rims are done with 5 spoke and 21 inch wide. The suspension is fully hydraulic, so you can change the height of the vehicle for 40 mm.

Finally the characteristics:
the Edo altered the exhaust system and reprogrammed the central electronic unit (ECU).
The result is increased power from 400 hp to 465 hp and torque increase from 500 to 550 Nm
From place to hundred Edo Competition Hellboy arrives in just 4.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 305 km / h .What is there else to say...just look at the photos and enjoy..


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