utorak, 30. kolovoza 2011.

best action movie actors ever

After a longer pause, now  is the time to write my big COME BACK post.... As you all know last 10 days I was taking a break (went on a litle Euro-trip). As I came back I thought alot about my "come-back" post...
In the first I was planing to write about my traveling experiences...and realy there would be something to write about..
But then I suddenly  recalled of a post I was planing to write a long time ago...
My biggest occupation is movie watching...
I'm really crazy for a good movie...my favorite genre is Action of course :) So I decided to do some Action movies review this time...
precisely I'll write about action actors... so let's start

1.doubtless  number one for me is Jason Statham 
some of the best movies this guy made are :Crank, The Bank Job, Transporter, Mean Machine...and much more....
2. For my number two I chose Vin Diesel...He is the actor with the most recognizable voice there is...
my favourite movies from this guy are: XXX, The chronicles of Riddick, The Fast And The Furious, Fast Five.

3. And my third tough guy is Bruce Willis...I think no one can act so cold Bloodedly as him
best movies Bruce Willis acted in are: Ocheans Twelve, Sin City, Red, The Expendables, Cop Out...

subota, 27. kolovoza 2011.

best trip!!!

After 10 days of my holiday I can just say th best about everything! Chez republic I would repeat this trip always !!!....
back to blog now alot of catching up to do!!! 

ponedjeljak, 15. kolovoza 2011.

Vacation finaly !!!

Hi there mates....today is for me maybe the most exciting day in the year...after a hard-working and realy stressfull year, I managed to grab some free time and spend it well....
Tonight finaly I'm going on my big Europe trip...It's a tour that I've been dreaming about for a while...
In next 6 days I will be visitnig Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Switzerlan....
Since I couldn't manage to make a trip to the sea this year, this tour will surley  be a good replacement...
I will try to keep up with my posts and other blogger activites...but dont antagonize if I miss a day or two...
what is there more to say ...wish me a good trip and se you all in few days...

subota, 13. kolovoza 2011.

CRAZY WORLD did you know!?

Hello my readers...in the last few days I had all kind of interesting articles....thank you all for participating... and commenting my posts.
Today I'm going with a bit different topic... I will write about fascinating fact's all over the world..
I'm sure that you'll find something interesting in these articles so enjoy!!!


Bird that barks instead of sings

The Antpitta avis canis Ridgley is a bird that looks like a stuffed duck on stilts and barks like a dog. The bird was discovered by ornithologist Robert S. Ridgley in the Andes in Ecuador in June 1998. Thirty of these long-legged, black-and-white barking birds were found. It apparently had gone undetected because it lives in remote parts and, of course, doesn’t sing. The size of a duck, it is one of the largest birds discovered in the 20th Century.
Antpitta photo: (c) Academy of Natural Sciences

There also are dogs that do not bark! The basenji, smallish dog with a silky copper coat, does not bark. Instead, it yodels when it get excited. Wild dogs like the African Wild Dog also do not bark


Cow burps and global warming

Cows and global warming
With all its grazing and many stomachs, it is no wonder that cows are one of the main contributors to the hole in the ozone layer. Apart from CFC, the biggest culprit is hydrocarbon emissions from cars and cows. Yes, cows! Cows release some 100 million tons of hydrocarbon annually – by releasing gas. To give you an idea of how much gas a cow emits: if the gas of 10 cows could be captured, it would provide heating for a small house for a year.
But unlike what you think, cows release hydrocarbon mostly by burping.


 Cow cartoon 

If blood is red, why are veins blue?
Blood is bright red in its oxygenated form and a dark red in deoxygenated form. In simpler terms, it is bright red when it leaves the lungs full of oxygen and dark red when it returns to the lungs for a refill. Veins appear blue because light penetrating the skin is absorbed and reflected in high energy wavelengths back to the eye. Higher energy wavelengths are blue.

Why is blue for boys and pink for girls?
In ancient times, it was believed that certain colors could combat the evil spirits that lingered over nurseries. Because blue was associated with the heavenly spirits, boys were clothed in that color, boys then being considered the most valuable resource to parents. Although baby girls did not have a color associated with them, they were mostly clothed in black. It was only in the Middle Ages when pink became associated with baby girls.

Why do onions make you cry?
Onions, like other plants, are made of cells. The cells are divided into two sections separated by a membrane. One side of the membrane contains an enzyme which helps chemical processes occur in your body. The other side of the membrane contains molecules that contain sulfur. When you cut an onion, the contents on each side of the membrane mix and cause a chemical reaction. This reaction produces molecules such as ethylsufine which make your eyes water.
To prevent crying when you cut an onion, cut it under a running tap of cold water. The sulfur compounds dissolve in water and are rinsed down the sink before they reach your eyes. You can also put the onion in the freezer for ten minutes before you cut it. Cold temperatures slow down the reaction between the enzyme and the sulfur compounds so fewer of the burning molecules will reach your eyes.

hope you enjoy :)


četvrtak, 11. kolovoza 2011.

best cartoons ever!!!

We all grew up watching cartoons. I was born in 1991, and my favorite cartoons are from the 21'st century. That's not to say I didn't like the cartoons of the 70's, most of which were done in the 60's, but the 80's and 90's had great animation and writing.
Call me wierd ...but i like sick cartoons the most....by sick I mean those that make you stupid!!! literaly stupid...
some of my favourite are 
Familly guy 
South park
Simpsons....  and similar
but as i said sometimes I love to watch and remind my self to the animation world from the 90's and 80's ....
cartoons like 
Scooby Doo
Looney Tunes
Alvin and the chipmunks
these cartoon's can certainly be pronounced as evergreens....

here are some of the best cartoon scenes ever! so enjoy!!

and then there is one and only

one more hit!!

srijeda, 10. kolovoza 2011.

The secret behind a dollar bill


Can you belive it!? Few days ago my friend send me a video containing somekind of one dollar trick...In the beginning I wasn't paying attention to it... but later I read an article about free masons, and it came back to me... after reading the article I watched the video, and it intrigued me .... Is there any truth in the Masons theory...did they know what are they talking about...or is it all one big conspiracy theory JUDGE YOUR SELF...

here is some short introduction in Masons work...

Freemasonry is the world's first and largest fraternal organization. It is based on the belief that each man can make a difference in the world. There are approximately 5 million Masons worldwide, including 2 million in the United States. The Grand Lodge of California has nearly 90,000 members and about 400 lodges throughout the state.

Freemasonry dates back to the guilds of European stonemasons who built castles and cathedrals during the Middle Ages.Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Paul Revere, and other founding fathers were among the first Masons in the United States.

Membership in the Masons is open to men 18 or older who believe in a Supreme Being and meet the qualifications and standards of character and reputation. 
Obligations are those elements of ritual in which a candidate swears to abide by the rules of the fraternity, to keep the "secrets of Freemasonry" (which are the various signs, tokens and words associated with recognition in each degree), and to act towards others in accordance with Masonic tradition and law. In regular jurisdictions these obligations are sworn on the aforementioned Volume of the Sacred Law and in the witness of the Supreme Being and often with assurance that it is of the candidate's own free will.

ponedjeljak, 8. kolovoza 2011.

and the name is....

After 7 days and calculating your votes...I came on with a name for my retriver puppy :)
I'm glad that all of you interacted in the voting ....and 100% satisfied with the name.... Names "Dingo" and "Ziggy" were equal with the number of votes, witch means that my vote will adjudicate this time...I'm going with Ziggy , I love that name, and it suits him perfectly....
Thank you all for voting...there will be more pols like this  in the future, and I'm looking forward for your cooperation....
greetings from Ziggy :)  

One day more for voting!!!!

It's the last day you can vote for my dog's name... Pls. hurry UP and take your vote ... greetings from me and my puppy :)

subota, 6. kolovoza 2011.

Just get it out of your system (10 things which annoy me the most )

Reading my posts some people probably will think that I’m the most complaining person there is. Maybe it’s truth, maybe I am complaining about everything and everyone… But It’s my view on the world, I like to access things critically. Sometimes a good critic can do much more than just a false commendation ….                                                                                              
So my idea of this post is just to GET IT OUT OF MY SYSTEM and keep going with my blog with some more brighter topics…                                                                                              

What better time to post a list of 10 things that annoy me. I’m so in the mood!

1. People who can’t control their car alarms. Guess what? No one cares if your car is getting broken into, stolen or damaged in any way. In fact, is there anything I can do to help?

2. People who pay for groceries with a check. A check? Are you kidding me?

3. Couples who make out at the park or at the FICTION section at the book store. I mean really...the FICTION section?! Are you that desperate? If you are, then please get a room

4. Billy Mays, the ear-piercing, high-octane infomercial pitchman for OxyClean and something orange that cleans everything. I can never get to the mute button fast enough.

5. People who let their dogs crap on my lawn, and then walk away. You’re supposed to be carrying it around in bags, aren’t you? And, by the way, how does that steaming pile of poo feel when you pick it up with your bare hand from the inside of the bag? Reason number #284 why cats rule.

6. Red light runners. Um, you do know you can kill people doing that, right?

7. Jobs being paid to less – and too much. I mean, football. for instance. You need to be more skilled to be say an engineer or office worker, okay footballers are amazingly skilled, but that doesnt mean they’re any cleverer than anyone else.

8. That lady who drove practically attached to my trunk yesterday who was not only talking on a cell phone but smoking a cigarette. It was fun to watch how you managed that and I did want to see you get into an accident, just not with me.

9. when your friend’s parents shout at your friend infront of you – atleast have the decency to save it for later..

10. on facebook when people just do an awkward . in the middle of the page to break the silence. it just makes it increasingly awkward!

petak, 5. kolovoza 2011.

something different...

Today I decided to go with something different... make somekind of review post (it's my first).
Do you ever have those day's when the only bright spot in 24 hours is a simplest thing you could think of!?
For some people it's taking a cup of coffee, for some a long walk, having a chat with your best friend or girlfriend..
For me, it's music! nothing can make my mood jump in les time than music...
There certainly where day's for me, when only one song made my heart full for another week!!! 
A lot of people just can't understand the importance of this segment (MUSIC) in every-man's life...
The most often question I get on this topic is "what genre of music do you listen to?"
The answer is THERE ISN'T ANY SPECIFIC GENRE FOR ME...I listen what I feel like Listening...
I really can listen to all kind's of songs...from the heaviest metal to some clasical ballads depending on the mood I'm in.
The point of this today's topic I chose, is that sometimes big things (great feelings) come in small signs of attention :)
i'l quote myself for me It's music, for some other people it's something else.

To finish my today's post, I'll share with you some of my favourite songs along with the appropriate moods I'm in at the moment.

in need for jumping

clasic driving mood



when I'm high :)

and one more 


 when in love


when sad :&

these are just some of them, hope you will enjoy them as well as I do :)

četvrtak, 4. kolovoza 2011.


Sometimes I think that life just can't get any worse...but every time it just does!!!
This isn't going to be one of those posts of me complaining on everything and everyone...No, it's just that sometimes ,I simply can't understand some at a glance resolved situations .
To get to the point... Yesterday I decided to go out with my mates (after a really long time) nothing special we just hit some local clubs, clasic chilling out... The night had an excellent start, and as the time was running the atmosfere was getting really high, all until one moment.
In one club we were at ,I saw a girl I was hitting at for almost one month...
She went inside looking in my direction, smilling and winking at me...
I said to my self "this is it", she is falling for sure!!!
I didn't make any move instantly, i was waiting the right moment, right song (i had the all script ready in my head), she was really speciall girl for me (at least I thought so).
All was good till once... the guy I hated from the bottom of my soul, was parking his new Cadillac Escalade (his dady bought him) infront of the club.
And the same second 99% of female population standing inside glanced at him.
He literally could nail every single chick in the club...I really can say for my self , am not a jelous person (never was) ...and as so didn't even thought that Ana (the girl i liked) would even look at the guy like him :&
At that moment the club was full and there weren't any available places to sit.
The guy (asshole) from the cadillac didn't consider one moment , went to Ana's table asking her to stand next to her (of all the girls in the fu**ing club) he had to stand there...
I still didn't belive that he stand's a chance with girl as Ana :& (gues again)
After short time smiling and talking to each other I saw Ana geting away from the table, and at the moment I lost her from my site...But not long after I took a look at the the car infront and had really something to see.
I saw the girl I fell for  geting in the car with that SUCKER. You couldn't belive how can a night from something great turn in to a worst one in your life in just two hours..
This all situation makes me think that all girls are just objects, and the more you give the less you get :\ 
I needed to share this with someone (take it off my chest)...
And if Ana ever reads this blog I have a Msg. for her ..!. suck on this stupid B I T C H!!!

utorak, 2. kolovoza 2011.

My new dog

 Read the post and do the poll after
Just few days ago, I bought my self a beautiful "golden retriver" pupy...it's 2 months old, but it's the smartest dog i've ever seen ...
in just 3 days I learned him to walk to my leg...and to fech stick i trow him....
But i just have one problem .... 
THE NAMEEE for it...I just dont know how to call it ...
I love the name Rex for a dog...but the fact is that there are different names for different tipes of dogs..
For example Rex is usually a name for a "German Shepherd" it just doesnt correspond to a "Retriver"...
so i proposed some of my favourite dog names in a Poll ...so please make it easier for me pls :)
And btw here is one pic. of him ...

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