subota, 6. kolovoza 2011.

Just get it out of your system (10 things which annoy me the most )

Reading my posts some people probably will think that I’m the most complaining person there is. Maybe it’s truth, maybe I am complaining about everything and everyone… But It’s my view on the world, I like to access things critically. Sometimes a good critic can do much more than just a false commendation ….                                                                                              
So my idea of this post is just to GET IT OUT OF MY SYSTEM and keep going with my blog with some more brighter topics…                                                                                              

What better time to post a list of 10 things that annoy me. I’m so in the mood!

1. People who can’t control their car alarms. Guess what? No one cares if your car is getting broken into, stolen or damaged in any way. In fact, is there anything I can do to help?

2. People who pay for groceries with a check. A check? Are you kidding me?

3. Couples who make out at the park or at the FICTION section at the book store. I mean really...the FICTION section?! Are you that desperate? If you are, then please get a room

4. Billy Mays, the ear-piercing, high-octane infomercial pitchman for OxyClean and something orange that cleans everything. I can never get to the mute button fast enough.

5. People who let their dogs crap on my lawn, and then walk away. You’re supposed to be carrying it around in bags, aren’t you? And, by the way, how does that steaming pile of poo feel when you pick it up with your bare hand from the inside of the bag? Reason number #284 why cats rule.

6. Red light runners. Um, you do know you can kill people doing that, right?

7. Jobs being paid to less – and too much. I mean, football. for instance. You need to be more skilled to be say an engineer or office worker, okay footballers are amazingly skilled, but that doesnt mean they’re any cleverer than anyone else.

8. That lady who drove practically attached to my trunk yesterday who was not only talking on a cell phone but smoking a cigarette. It was fun to watch how you managed that and I did want to see you get into an accident, just not with me.

9. when your friend’s parents shout at your friend infront of you – atleast have the decency to save it for later..

10. on facebook when people just do an awkward . in the middle of the page to break the silence. it just makes it increasingly awkward!

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