četvrtak, 4. kolovoza 2011.


Sometimes I think that life just can't get any worse...but every time it just does!!!
This isn't going to be one of those posts of me complaining on everything and everyone...No, it's just that sometimes ,I simply can't understand some at a glance resolved situations .
To get to the point... Yesterday I decided to go out with my mates (after a really long time) nothing special we just hit some local clubs, clasic chilling out... The night had an excellent start, and as the time was running the atmosfere was getting really high, all until one moment.
In one club we were at ,I saw a girl I was hitting at for almost one month...
She went inside looking in my direction, smilling and winking at me...
I said to my self "this is it", she is falling for sure!!!
I didn't make any move instantly, i was waiting the right moment, right song (i had the all script ready in my head), she was really speciall girl for me (at least I thought so).
All was good till once... the guy I hated from the bottom of my soul, was parking his new Cadillac Escalade (his dady bought him) infront of the club.
And the same second 99% of female population standing inside glanced at him.
He literally could nail every single chick in the club...I really can say for my self , am not a jelous person (never was) ...and as so didn't even thought that Ana (the girl i liked) would even look at the guy like him :&
At that moment the club was full and there weren't any available places to sit.
The guy (asshole) from the cadillac didn't consider one moment , went to Ana's table asking her to stand next to her (of all the girls in the fu**ing club) he had to stand there...
I still didn't belive that he stand's a chance with girl as Ana :& (gues again)
After short time smiling and talking to each other I saw Ana geting away from the table, and at the moment I lost her from my site...But not long after I took a look at the the car infront and had really something to see.
I saw the girl I fell for  geting in the car with that SUCKER. You couldn't belive how can a night from something great turn in to a worst one in your life in just two hours..
This all situation makes me think that all girls are just objects, and the more you give the less you get :\ 
I needed to share this with someone (take it off my chest)...
And if Ana ever reads this blog I have a Msg. for her ..!. suck on this stupid B I T C H!!!

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Komal Ali kaže...

Aww. She was just a girl. move on. :-)

chanonymous kaže...

Bitch be crazy

xxobernoobxx kaže...

Just move on bro.

H. kaže...

That sucks. :(

Mr Jack House kaže...

For wicked Cleon and his wife, when fame Following!

Tod Woodward kaže...

Ah well, no matter how shitty you felt, it made for a good story!

Bob kaže...

Most girls are attracted to guys, who look cool, act cool and have money.. nothing new really. She was obviously nothing special, thing about it that way.

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